Saturday, January 28, 2017

We Are All Human Beings, and Not Human Doing's!

We Are All Human Beings

Most of my life I have been a driven person, moving at a fearsome speed with determination...Lately though, my speed and determination have been forced to slow down and practice mindfulness. I believe many of us in America lose sight of the reality that we are human beings and not human doings! Be present. Be mindful. We all have purpose and meaning, no matter what life circumstance we are in the midst of. Are you aware? I am slowly learning that it is totally possible to feel loved and supported for my very being, and not my doing.

To cultivate this life approach of mindfulness is not easy, nor does it happen at fearsome speeds. However, it is doable! It will require courage, patience, and willingness to change and do the work. Are you willing??? You see we all face life challenges physically, spiritually and mentally. When we choose to be willing and mindful, we can be enlightened with purpose and peace. 

Within the past few months, I have been challenged mentally, spiritually, and physically. I have not been with much ease in my muddy waters! My chronic pain has began to dominate my mind and become physically unavoidable. It has been approximately 7 years since I have had to endure chronic pain daily and unavoidably. At times I find myself, exhausted and irritable from lack of deep sleep, anxious, stressed, worried, hopeless, depressed, and even angered having to endure such levels of physical pain. 

Desiring to exist like a lotus at ease in muddy waters, I continue to seek and take action towards relief. I have learned that suffering occurs on two levels. The first known as primary suffering, is our raw data sent to our brain. The secondary suffering, is made up of all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories associated with the pain. Once you begin to practice mindfulness, and understand the underlying mechanisms of your pain, you can begin to temper its power and the hold it has over you. (You Are Not Your Pain).

With such wisdom, I choose to take one step at a time, to upgrade my life being and not allow myself to fall into the pit of doings. As turbulent as my pain, thoughts, and emotions may take me for a ride, I will continue to seek understanding, stay active, and choose life! What life obstacle or challenge do you desire to move through with ease, and practice mindfulness in???

Monday, August 1, 2016

Remember Your Victories and Bounce Back

I am grateful for my many life Victories!!!   We all have memories. We have memories we enjoy and  memories we like to keep in our past...and not recall. Are you being held captive of your own negative memories, not able to forgive and let go yet? I know how hard it can be to forgive, thinking that once you forgive it's like saying it's ok. Forgiveness frees you. Forgiveness does not equal forgetting what happened to you.

In the midst of your life challenges and obstacles, it can be easy to allow the darkness to take over. It can be easy to turn our focus to and expend our energy on our negative memory of what we feel pushed us into our unstable emotional dark hole.  STOP! I encourage you to REMEMBER how many dark holes you have climbed out of. How many VICTORIES can you celebrate? How many blessings have you received overcoming what you perceived to be impossible?   

Have FAITH in yourself. Have faith in God! "Your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength." (Robert Tennyson Stevens) This remains one of my favorite quotes to meditate on. My health has been one of my greatest weaknesses and is in the process of becoming my greatest strength! I have overcome many health obstacles, making me wiser and stronger. I give praise to God for his graces. I accept and know that my fight for optimal health has more to come. 

This summer, I have been faced with a painful flareup in chronic pain with Piriformis Syndrome. I have also been hit with unexpected weight gain, which I believe is correlated with my Hypothyroidism and PCOS. Body image and fear in weight gain has been one of my weaknesses for years.  So, after putting in several hours a week of physical activity, bodybuilding, and healthy eating and not achieving my desired results...I have felt defeated. 

Today I choose to NOT let defeat keep me down. I choose to REMEMBER my Victories, and how far I have come with creating my healthiest version of self. When I choose to reflect on my blessings and achievements, I am strengthened in my Faith and propelled to move forward.          

So, no matter what challenges you face with health, relationships, work, kids, etc.. Choose to remember your victories, and take your first step forward!!!

One of my recent and unexpected blessings has been with receiving another new job as a Fitness
Instructor at Altitude Trampoline Park in Katy. Not only has it been fun, but rehabilitating for my health! Check out this article, and explore Rebounding Exercise!